This page is a description of the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World and its rides and attractions. You will find the name, the type of attraction it is, the description, location, who it is best suited for, and the scare factor.

= Playground = Show = Ride = Tour
= Fun for all = Could scare younger kids = Intense

Attraction Type Description Location Best For Scare Factor
Splash Mountain* Take a wet journey through the Song of the South with Brer Rabbit and friends on this water ride. Frontierland 9 & older
Country Bear Jamboree Join this musical hoedown with the Bears with banjo-strumming jokes and laughs. Frontierland All ages
Mickey's PhilharMagic This 3D film is a spectacular journey with almost every animated Disney star. Fantasyland 9 & under
Space Mountain** Imagine flying through outer space. This ride is in total darkness. Tomorrowland 9 & older
Enchanted Tiki Room Newly remodeled show with hosts Iago & Zazu singing with exotic birds to an upbeat sound. Adventureland All ages
Hall of Presidents A tribute to all of the Presidents as they gather to listen to Abraham Lincoln. Liberty Square Adults
Tom Sawyer Island Explore the world of Tom on this island with plenty of room for the kids to run and discover. Frontierland Under age 9
Swiss Family Treehouse See how the Swiss family lived in this replica from the movie. Lots of stairs. Adventureland 9 & under
Shootin' Arcade Arcade Become a real western sharp-shooter in this moving target game. Frontierland Teens
Pooh's Playful Spot Toddlers will love this play area with a soft, spongy floor and parents will love the peaceful quiet rest. Fantasyland Under 9
It's A Small World This newly remodeled classic is better than ever with animated doll children from all over the world. A big hit with small ones. Fantasyland 9 & under
Dream-Along with Mickey This character-filled musical stage show invites you to celebrate the magic of dreams. Main Street USA 9 & under
Storytime with Belle Belle retells the story of Beauty and the Beast with help from the audience. Fantasyland 9 & under
Carousel of Progress This revolving theater takes you on a journey through the American family as it undergoes technology changes. Tomorrowland All ages
Jungle Cruise Travel the rivers of 3 different continents observing animals and ancient ruins. Adventureland All ages
Astro Orbiter Take a spin around Tomorrowland in your own ship that you control. Tomorrowland 9 & older
Stitch's Great Escape* Your job is to guard Experiment 626 (aka Stitch) from escaping, but beware, he can come out of nowhere.Most of this attraction is in the dark. Tomorrowland 9 & older
Snow White's Scary Adventures As you ride the dwarfs' mine cars, you follow the story as the Evil Queen chases Snow White through the forest. This ride is in darkness. Fantasyland 9 & older
Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin You're a junior Space Ranger with your own Star Cruiser that you pilot to fire your laser and earn points. Tomorrowland All ages
Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor Comedy show hosted by Mike from Monsters, Inc. in which guests have to power the plant with laughter. Tomorrowland All ages
Cinderella's Golden Carousel Slow things down with a pleasant ride on this classic carousel just behind the castle. Fantasyland Under age 9
Dumbo the Flying Elephant Take flight with Dumbo in this slow-paced ride the little ones love! Fantasyland 9 & under
Magic Carpets of Aladdin Who hasn't dreamed of flying on a magic carpet? Now you can with this ride that is similar to the Dumbo ride. Adventureland 9 & under
Peter Pan's Flight You get to see London and Peter's world from above in your own ship. Fantasyland 9 & under
Barnstormer# This is a miniature roller coaster, but don't be fooled, some children may get scared. Toontown 9 & under
Donald's Boat Little ones board the SS Miss Daisy for some nautical fun - watch out for squirting water! Toontown 9 & under
Minnie's Country House Come visit Minnie's house and maybe you'll even run into Minnie herself. Toontown 9 & under
Mickey's Country House Mickey invites you to explore his house and garden. You won't find Mickey home, but he's at the nearby Judges Tent. Toontown 9 & under
Haunted Mansion Ghosts make their home here with surprises around every turn. This entire ride is in the dark and may frighten small ones. Liberty Square 9 & older
Walt Disney World Railroad Walt himself loved trains so how could you have WDW without one. The train makes a stop at Frontierland and Toontown Fair. Main Street All ages
Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Board your own honeypot and follow Pooh through the Hundred Acre Wood. The lines can get quit long. Fantasyland 9 & under
Tomorrowland Transit Authority This ride is often over-looked. It travels above Tomorrowland on an elevated track and goes through Space Mountain giving your young ones the opportunity to see what it's like to ride on Space Mountain. Usually, you can feel a nice breeze during the ride. Tomorrowland All ages
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad* Visit an Old West mining town in your own mine train on this roller coaster. Frontierland 9 & older
Mad Tea Party The Mad Hatter and the March Hare invite you to ride in your own spinning tea cup at their mad tea party. Fantasyland 9 & under
Pirates of the Caribbean Sail through secret caverns, battles and swash-buckling streets of the pirate's world in this boat ride. May scare young children. Adventureland 9 & older
Tomorrowland Indy Speedway## Drive these gas-powered cars and race the track with others. Tomorrowland 9 & older
Stitch's SuperSonic Celebration Musical stage show filled with high-energy dancing. Come join Stitch's party. Tomorrowland All ages
Liberty Square Riverboat Journey back in time on this replica of a steam boat just like in Tom Sawyer's time. Liberty Square All ages
Fairies Meet & Greet Character Greeting Enter Neverland and visit Pixie Hollow to meet Tinker Bell and her friends. ? Under 9
Ariel's Grotto /Character Greeting Visit Ariel under the sea and play in her ocean-themed play area with fountains. Fantasyland Under 9
Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! Street Party Show filled with music, dancing and surprises. Performed several times throughout the day. Main Street USA All ages
Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade This wonderful parade captures many classic Disney moments that pay tribute to stories and characters that have touched our lives. Main Street USA All ages
Wishes Nightime Spectacular Nightly fireworks show with never-before-seen fireworks and pyrotechnic effects created specifically for this amazing show. Main Street USA All ages
"SpectroMagic" Parade Nightly parade of dazzling lit floats and joyous music. A must-see! Main Street USA All ages

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#35 inch height requirement | ##52 inch height requirement

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